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Why is Monk Fruit Better than Sugar?

We all know the damage that sugar can cause. Why is monk fruit better? Can we really enjoy a sweet treat without the worry?

Sugar raises blood glucose levels

Consuming sugar will always raise your blood glucose levels. See this post for more detail.

Higher blood glucose allows diabetes to progress and can worsen diabetic foot ulcers, glaucoma and other diabetic complications.

Blood sugar levels consistently above 140 will directly harm your cells. This level is easily attained with a little insulin resistance and a diet filled with snacks every hour or so.

Stopping sugar completely can be extremely difficult. Replacing sugar with a monk fruit sweetener can make it easy to reduce your sugar consumption and keep your blood sugar under control.

Sugar raises insulin levels

Insulin is a powerful hormone that controls growth in the human body. It is released when blood sugar is too high in order to push sugar from the blood stream into the cells.

Insulin resistance occurs when the cells don’t want any more glucose and stop accepting it – even when insulin is raised. When sugar is not moving into the cells as expected it causes the body to produce even more insulin. If you keep consuming sugar in excess your body reaches a point where it is unable to produce any more insulin and your blood sugar and insulin remain elevated for an extended period of time.

This high insulin will cause disease such as hypertension, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

This was proven conclusively in a paper entitled ‘Insulin Resistance as a Predictor of Age-Related Diseases’ published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The chart below is taken from that paper.

  • Those people with low insulin resistance did not develop any disease.
  • Those with moderate insulin resistance developed some disease
  • Those with high insulin resistance developed much more disease.

High insulin is a killer.

Fig 1. The level of insulin resistance and the amount of disease diagnosed in the next several years.

Replacing your sugar consumption with a monk fruit sweetener can be the first step in reducing your insulin resistance and improving both the quality and length of your life.

Sugar suppresses the immune system

This study is widely sited and demonstrates that sugar easily suppresses the immune system for hours – even after blood glucose has normalized.

The following chart is taken from the study.

A chart showing how the immune system is suppressed after the ingestion of sugar.
Fig 2. A chart showing how eating sugar will suppress the immune system for up to five hours.

It shows that even though blood sugar levels return to normal in an hour the immune system takes a full five hours to return to full strength.

If you’re having sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner your immune system is suppressed for most of the day and you’ll have more severe disease and more time to recover.

Monk fruit has the opposite effect. It seems to actually improve immune system function and will actively fight pathogenic bacteria and yeast.

Using monk fruit instead of sugar is wise choice if you’re battling an illness.

Influenza loves sugar

Aside from suppressing the immune system sugar will also help the influenza virus replicate. This paper shows the effect of various levels of glucose have on the percent of cells infected with the influenza virus.

A chart showing that the higher amount of blood glucose the more rapidly the influenza virus will infect other cells.
Fig 3. The higher the glucose levels the more rapidly the Influenza virus will infect other cells.

At low levels of glucose, cells are quite resistant to the influenza virus. However, as sugar levels increase the influenza virus is able to rapidly infect more than 80% of the cells.

Monk fruit is a safe replacement for sugar that will not promote the spread of the influenza infection. Monk fruit has also been shown to reduce lung inflammation that can make an influenza related chest infection much worse.

I recommend The Grinning Monk monk fruit sweetener!

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