Where is Monk Fruit Grown?

You've probably never seen a monk fruit field while driving or seen monk fruit in the grocery store. So where is this mysterious fruit grown?

Monk fruit is grown on Chinese mountains

Monk fruit is predominantly grown in Guangxi province in China near the town of Guilin. There are also fields in Guangdong, Guizhou, Hunan and some in northern Tibet.

A map showing Guilin in Guangxi province in China
Fig 1. The worlds monk fruit supply is grown mainly near Guilin, Guangxi province in China.

Guilin is an incredibly picturesque town surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. The soil and climate conditions on these mountains are ideal for monk fruit.

Fig 2. Guilin in southern China looking a bit like a scene from Avatar

These cool, mist covered mountains are where most of the monk fruit is cultivated. Monk fruit is grown on vines that can be seen dotting the mountains.

Monk fruit vines are usually supported five to six feet off the ground to allow for optimum air flow and growth.

Monk fruit is not typically found in the wild and needs to be carefully cultivated.

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