What is Monk Fruit Extract?

There seem to be many different varieties of monk fruit sweeteners. What is monk fruit extract? Is it any good?

“Just the mogroside V Ma’am!”

Monk fruit extract are sweet tasting monk fruit plant chemicals that are removed from the fruit and used as a sweetener.

Monk fruit has hundreds of different phytochemicals called mogrosides. They have names such as “7-Oxomogroside II E ” and “11-Oxo-mogroside V ”. They look like this:

the chemical structure of mogroside 6
Fig 1. Mogroside 6. I don’t feel ashamed to admit I had this poster in my room as a boy.

Mogrosides 4, 5 and 6 are the mogrosides that taste sweet. Usually manufactures try to extract just mogroside V that is 250 times sweeter than sugar.

The mogroside V extraction process

Manufacturers closely guard their mogroside extraction process as a better process will yield a purer product with less aftertaste. An sample extraction process looks like this:

a flow chart showing the extraction of monk fruit mogrosides from the fresh fruit.

It involves multiple steps that include mashing, heating, centrifuging, filtering and using resins.

The result is a powder with a high percentage of mogroside V that may be used in monk fruit sweeteners.

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