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What is Monk Fruit Extract? – Monk Fruit Authority

What is Monk Fruit Extract?

There seem to be many different varieties of monk fruit sweeteners. What is monk fruit extract? Is it any good?

“Just the mogroside V Ma’am!”

Monk fruit extract are sweet tasting monk fruit plant chemicals that are removed from the fruit and used as a sweetener.

Monk fruit has hundreds of different phytochemicals called mogrosides. They have names such as “7-Oxomogroside II E ” and “11-Oxo-mogroside V ”. They look like this:

the chemical structure of mogroside 6
Fig 1. Mogroside 6. I don’t feel ashamed to admit I had this poster in my room as a boy.

Mogrosides 4, 5 and 6 are the mogrosides that taste sweet. Usually manufactures try to extract just mogroside V that is 250 times sweeter than sugar.

The mogroside V extraction process

Manufacturers closely guard their mogroside extraction process as a better process will yield a purer product with less aftertaste. An sample extraction process looks like this:

a flow chart showing the extraction of monk fruit mogrosides from the fresh fruit.

It involves multiple steps that include mashing, heating, centrifuging, filtering and using resins.

The result is a powder with a high percentage of mogroside V that may be used in monk fruit sweeteners.

I recommend The Grinning Monk monk fruit sweetener!

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