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Is Organic Monk Fruit Better?

Organic products always cost more. Does it make sense to spend more for organic monk fruit?

What are the risks?

Organic monk fruit will always cost more than chemically treated monk fruit. Pesticides and herbicides sprayed on fruits and vegetables increase the quantity the producer can harvest because they lose much less to mold, viruses and animals.

As a consequence, when they don’t spray these poisonous chemicals the producer needs to charge more. Depending on the organic certification they use it may also cost significantly more to have their crop status confirmed.

The problem is that these herbicides and pesticides are linked to cancers, developmental issues, hormonal problems and long term illness. Manufacturers will claim these chemicals are washed off, however, given the level of toxicity it is risk you probably would prefer not to take.

I recommend USDA organic certified monk fruit as this is the most rigorous organic certification available. If a producer claims their product is USDA certified and it’s not they face harsh fines and potentially jail time.

What do I look for on the package?

There are many kinds of organic certification. However, just because the ‘Certified Organic’ logo is pretty and green doesn’t mean that what you’re about to purchase is actually organic.

Did you know that the word ‘Organic’ has no legal meaning? Many producers can claim a product is ‘Organic’ simply because it comes from a plant – even a plant that has been heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.

It is also important to how the ‘Certified Organic’ status is verified? Some ‘Certified Organic’ products are only required to be self certified and have no third party checks or penalties. How can you trust the producer?

The only organic certification that I trust is ‘USDA Organic Certified’. This organic certification is from the United States Department of Agriculture and is backed up by third party laboratory analysis and penalties that include heavy fines and potentially jail time.

Next time you’re looking for organic monk fruit sweetener, look for this logo:

USDA Organic Certified Logo

It will give you confidence knowing you’re getting a truly organic product.

I recommend The Grinning Monk monk fruit sweetener!

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