Is Monk Fruit Safe for Babies?

Babies need lots of care and protection. Should you be feeding your baby monk fruit?

No significant study

Even though it’s a newcomer to America and Europe, luo han guo (monk fruit) has a long history in China.

Reports of abnormalities or adverse reactions among pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding their babies have not been reported.

The best proof we have right now for monk fruit are three animal studies – in dogs, rabbits and mice. In these studies the animals were fed a large amount of monk fruit extract over a month.

In all cases there were no observed negative effects.

Studies of pregnant humans and animals have not taken place. Therefore, it cannot be conclusively claimed that monk fruit is safe to eat during pregnancy. However, this holds true for most foods.

Even though there aren’t studies to prove it’s safe, there is no evidence to suggest monk fruit sweetener or concentrate extract is dangerous during pregnancy.

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Best food for babies?

As much as I love monk fruit, I believe that the best food for babies is breast milk from mothers that have a nutrient rich diet.

I would encourage you not to risk the health of your child by experimenting with anything new or different – this includes man made supplements, novel foods like monk fruit or anything that we haven’t been feeding our children for centuries.

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