Is Monk Fruit Concentrate Bad For You?

Monk fruit concentrate is usually just the monk fruit extract without any additional ingredients. It's 250x sweeter than sugar. Is it safe?

Monk fruit concentrate is safe and healthy

Monk fruit has been consumed by people for thousands of years. Mogrosides are the natural plant compounds present in monk fruit. They compose about 30% of the monk fruit. Monk fruit concentrate are these extracted plant compounds.

Monk fruit concentrate has been tested in high doses in animals and is considered safe by countries around the world.

The United States, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, China and Singapore have all approved monk fruit based sweeteners for consumption.

See this post more information on monk fruit concentrate and how manufacturers separate it from the fresh monk fruit.

Monk fruit is healthy

Unlike sugar and most other sugar replacements, monk fruit is health promoting. Studies have shown that monk fruit can help with everything from cancer, to diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease.

There are no studies or consumer reports indicating any risk with consuming monk fruit.

Further, monk fruit has been used by Chinese medicine doctors in China for thousands of years with excellent results.

I always recommend purchasing USDA certified organic monk fruit sweeteners. Many manufacturers have limited quality control and may use monk fruit contaminated with pesticides and include genetically modified components.

A USDA organic certification is a consumers best possible assurance that the product they are consuming is healthy, non-GMO and free of toxic contamination.

I recommend The Grinning Monk monk fruit sweetener!

2 thoughts on “Is Monk Fruit Concentrate Bad For You?”

  1. Do you know how monk fruit affects the microbiome? I avoid all alternative sweeteners because they can mess up the microbiome. Since monkfruit has such a long history of use, maybe it doesn’t?

    • Hi Jenn! Super question. Unfortunately, there has been no study on the subject. What I have read about the gut biome is that is does respond rapidly to a change in diet. Even changing the mix of foods you eat will change your biome. It would make sense that a monk fruit sweetener would change the biome. However, would the changes be positive? negative? neutral?

      However, one thing that you are assured is that if you replace your sugar with a USDA organic monk fruit sweetener you’ll absolutely reduce your blood sugar levels and possibly even reduce your insulin levels. Both of these will have positive effects on your health.

      Have a super day 🙂

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